Top 10 Tips for Camper Van Insurance

These top ten tips this month should help you make decisions about your camper van insurance!

1 When away traveling and on holiday in your camper van make friends with people and families camping around you that way you can act like a  “neighbourhood watch” between you all.
2 If you use your camper van for just a couple of weeks or months a year then maybe look into taking a policy with limited mileage.
3 To save even more cash on your camper van insurance it will be a good idea to invest in a good quality security alarm.
4 Don’t have the room on your driveway to park your camper van? Find a secure storage site and pay a small yearly fee just like a caravan storage arrangement.
5 Policies should have included accident recovery which takes care of your camper van but also gets you to your holiday or travelling destination.
6 If you only use the camper van a few times a year for your touring holidays it might be a good idea take a small run out first to ensure everything is in good working order.
7 Installing fire alarms and extinguishers can improve your safety and help to keep down the cost of insurance.
8 Check to see if the insurance would cover another driver if you should fall ill while on holiday and cannot drive home.
9 The average campervan user will only travel 5,000 miles per year.
10 Would trailer cover be included in the insurance policy and up to how much?

Happy camper vanning!