Campervan insurance needs scrutinising

When looking for campervan insurance you need to scrutinise the contents of the policy very carefully to ensure that it contains everything needed. One of the main factors you have to consider when looking to take out insurance for your camper van is how long you use it and where you are likely to be travelling. The cost of insurance will also depend on what level on cover you need. You can choose fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only.

If you take your campervan and do a lot of travelling throughout the year then you should consider covering it with fully comprehensive as this gives the most complete cover. However if you only travel in your campervan for the odd week with the family, then you might be able to save money by insuring third party only. Third party, fire and theft provides liability protection for any third party who may be involved in an accident which was your fault as well as damage caused by fire or if the campervan was stolen.

Fully comprehensive campervan insurance on the other hand would provide you with many additional benefits. The majority of comprehensive insurance policies cover for any accidental damage that happens to the campervan. They also cover for loss or damage to the vehicle and the cover would also pay for repairs to both parties in an accident. Some will also pay for medical costs to the third party but you have to check the small print to see what the cover actually includes.

You would almost certainly want the policy to include cover for your belongings as the majority of campervans very often act like home. If you were to lose everything in a fire or if they were to be stolen then you could lose a lot. While policies usually include loss or damage to personal belongings you would be better off if the policy covered new for old. A new for old policy would allow you to replace the items lost at the value they are today as opposed to when you purchased them.

A good comprehensive insurance policy would give you some form of breakdown and recovery assistance. If your vehicle broke down and you had to pay for recovery, it could be very expensive. Usually a policy will include taking you to your destination and getting your campervan to a repair centre. Some policies will offer to pay for accommodation; however the level of cover would depend on the insurance provider.

When looking for campervan insurance check to see if you would be covered for the awning and any camping equipment that was stored in the van. Both of the can be very expensive to replace if they are not covered in the policy. Both of them are usually covered for up to a certain amount so you have to compare this in the terms and conditions of the cover. You would also have to look out for windscreen and sunroof cover and if any items such as stereo equipment and navigation equipment would be covered if these were damaged or stolen.