Protect your campervan from being stolen

Whether you use your campervan for daytrips or for longer outings, one of the attractions of using it is because it can be your home from home whilst travelling. Therefore, it makes sense to by undertaking a few simple steps that can reduce the likelihood of theft.

One of the simplest things you could do is not to make things easy for the criminal. Always lock all the doors and windows when leaving the campervan even if it is just for a very short time. After-all, the thief could be in the driving seat and away in less time than it takes you to walk to the kiosk and pay for the fuel you have just filled up with. The fitting of an immobiliser could add to the difficulty of starting your campervan without the keys… because you always take the keys with you, don’t you?

Although good quality padlocks and heavy-duty chains might be expensive to buy, their presence could make attempting to remove items like gas tanks or bicycles from a bike rack rather challenging and time consuming. Using locking wheel nuts and fitting an alarm from a reputable company, which is activated each time you leave the vehicle, could also act as an effective deterrent. The idea of stealing your campervan and stripping it for parts and accessories might not be so attractive if the actual initial vehicle theft is not going easy.

Whenever you leave your campervan, always take your valuables with you. Never leave them in plain sight, always lock things away. Even items of clothing or trainers can be appealing to a thief who might be tempted to try to break in for a closer look. Whilst inside, takes a good look around and could be happy to remove anything that is not locked away, even the campervan itself. If you leave any of your vehicles registration documents inside, it could make stealing your campervan to sell on, worthwhile.

Having the registration number of your campervan etched onto all its windows and any other part that could be removed and sold on, could help reduce your vehicle’s appeal to a criminal. It might also be prudent to security mark all your valuable possessions within the campervan, perhaps using an ultraviolet pen if etching is not practical. You could also electronically tag your campervan to give added security. All these tips could help you protect your campervan from being stolen.