Motorhome cover – check you have adequate cover

It is essential to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your motorhome before you take it out on the roads. There are many different factors that you have to take into account when you are looking for the best deals on your insurance. If you choose to go with a specialist in motorhome cover then they will be able to search around on your behalf to get you the cheapest deal with the cover you need.

Your motorhome policy needs to be considered very carefully as there are many different things that need protecting and which you might not consider if you are used to insuring a car. Car and motorhome cover are entirely different and this is why you need to choose an insurer who specialises in offering motorhome insurance.

If you are taking your motorhome out onto the roads and doing a lot of travelling then the cost of insurance will be higher than if you only travel for a week or two out of the year. The same will apply if you are going to be travelling with your motorhome out of the UK. You do however have to be totally honest about this when taking out a policy. If you have stated that you are only travelling in the UK to keep your insurance costs down and then make a claim for an incident that occurred in Europe, your policy will be null.

When considering insurance you will need to make sure that such things as awnings and steps are included in the cost of the policy. Awnings can get ripped in bad weather and some providers will add this into basic cover while other insurance providers might ask that you take cover for such things at an additional premium. You also need to check what contents are included in the motorhome insurance. The majority of motorhomes are futted with a fridge, cooker, bathroom and kitchen and these can breakdown, therefore you need to know if they would be covered in your policy.

You also have to check the small print to see what contents cover you have in relation to if it is new for old or replacement only. If the entire contents of your motorhome were to be stolen or destroyed they can be very expensive to replace. New for old is the best type of cover as it would allow you to buy replacements at what they cost today. However, if the cover only pays out replacement for what the items were worth at the time of losing them.

You also have to compare exclusions and limitations in motorhome cover before taking on the policy. Factors to take into consideration here include if you should be hit by a driver that is uninsured and if you have liability cover which includes medical expenses. You also need to check to see if recovery and breakdown is included in the policy. If you were to breakdown and your motorhome needed towing for repair then you should be provided with an alternative vehicle, at the very least you should be taken to your destination along with your luggage.