Self-Build Motorhome Insurance

There are some excellent motorhomes available on the market that come with everything you need included. However there are plenty of people who get great satisfaction from building their own motorhome. It’s actually not too difficult to convert another vehicle into a motorhome providing you have enough space to work with. Insuring a self-built motorhome is a little different from insuring a motorhome that you’d buy from a showroom. There are certain requirements that your self-built motorhome must meet in order for it to be insured.


When you decide to build a motorhome yourself, safety is an important factor. Not only for your own well-being but also because insurance providers will require your vehicle to be road safe before providing cover for it. Below are some of the most typical requirements you’ll find for getting your motorhome insured –

  • Bed fixtures must be secured to the walls or floor of the motorhome
  • The vehicle must have one side window as a minimum
  • Any gas cooking facilities must have a remote fuel supply
  • Sliding or outward opening door

Of course these do not apply to every insurance provider – some will have very few requirements whilst others will be more stringent. Whatever the requirements are it’s essential that you meet them or you may find you cannot make a claim if you need to.

Saving Money

Everyone wants to save money on their insurance, no matter what it’s for. Below are some of the best ways for you to do this

  • Secure Your Motorhome – This is one of the best ways to cut the cost of your insurance. Insurance providers will assess just how much risk your motorhome is at so they can determine the cost of your policy. If they think your motorhome is at considerable risk then the price that you’re quoted will reflect that. Secure parking, an alarm and steering wheel lock are all recommended.
  • Use an Insurance Broker –   If you can afford to use the services of an insurance broker than you can often save a considerable amount of money on your policy. They’ll also be able to advise you on any questions you have related to insurance.
  • Shop Around – This is easily the most reliable way to get the best deal on your motorhome insurance. The prices that you’re quoted can vary greatly so you should never simply settle for the first provider you contact.

Get Quotes Now

Whilst getting quotes is one of the best ways to save money, it can be somewhat time consuming and tedious. The good news is that by filling in the form on the site you can get multiple quotes from a panel of insurers sent directly to you. This is the ideal way to shop for motorhome insurance and is sure to get you a great deal.