Classic Campervan Insurance

When you say classic campervan most people will immediately think of the VW campervan, often known in the UK as the VW camper. First manufactured in 1950s, it was one of the first campervans to be made widely available. It now has iconic status and is often the first choice when seeking out a classic campervan. Of course there are other classic campervans available, all with their unique charms and features. Regardless of the type of classic campervan you own, you’ll always need to protect such a valuable asset with a good insurance policy.

Types of Cover

When you insure your campervan, you’ll want to know what types of cover are available. Whilst everyone’s circumstances are unique you’ll always find certain types of cover across most campervan policies. These include –

  • Contents Cover
  • Fire and Theft
  • Total Loss Replacement
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • European Cover

It’s a good idea to think carefully about what you’ll need included with your policy. If you only use your campervan within the UK then you will not need European cover. When it comes to thinks like contents cover, a big deciding factor will be where you plan to take your campervan. If you only plan to use it for camping trips then you’re a lot less likely to have your contents stolen than if you were to take your campervan to large music festivals and the like.

Breakdown assistance is a very useful option to have included in your insurance policy. When you’re travelling in a campervan you’re very much reliant on it, not only for your means of travel but also your accommodation. Therefore breaking down can be very inconvenient. Most large insurance providers will give you the option to have breakdown assistance included in your cover.

How to Save Money

Of course when you get your campervan insurance you’ll want to save as much money as you can on it. There are a number of ways you can save money on your insurance. Below are some of the best ones –

  • Join a Campervan Owner’s Club
  • Make Your Campervan as Secure as Possible
  • Park in a Secure Spot
  • Look out for Special Offers
  • Consider Getting a Joint Policy
  • Shop Around

All of these are excellent ways for you to save money on your campervan insurance. The most obvious way to save money when it comes to taking out a policy is to get quotes from several different insurance providers.

Get Quotes Instantly

Since getting a lot of quotes is the best of way of saving money, you’ll probably want to do this in the quickest and easiest way possible. By clicking the button below you will be able to fill in a short form about you and your vehicle and receive quotes back from a number of insurance providers who specialize in campervan insurance. This way you can make an informed decision without having to do all the legwork of getting quotes individually.