Why You Need Minibus Insurance Cover – The Quickstart Guide

If you drive a minibus then insurance is essential. This isn’t just because you’re legally obliged to have insurance but for your own peace of mind and the safety of your passengers. There are a few different types of minibus insurance that you can acquire depending on what you use your vehicle for. Many families now own a minibus which is used purely for social and domestic purposes. In this case minibus insurance is no different to car insurance. If you’re transporting members of the public though, whether it be for profit or for charity, you’ll need to have a higher level of cover.

Types of Cover

Below are some of the main types of minibus insurance and an explanation for each –

  • Taxi Minibus Insurance – Minibuses are often used as taxis. In this case the type of insurance will depend on whether the minibus used for public hire or private hire only. Private hire taxi insurance is usually cheaper than public hire but regardless of the type of cover you get you must have public liability insurance too. This is a legal requirement for UK taxis.
  • Charity Minibus Insurance CoverMinibuses that are used for charitable purposes are able to get a special type of discounted policy from most insurance providers. You must be able to prove that the minibus is used for this reason by providing either a Section 19 or Section 22 permit.
  • Fleet Minibus Insurance – When there are multiple minibuses to insurance, a fleet policy is ideal. It’s not only easier to keep track of multiple vehicles this way but it also works out considerably cheaper than insuring the vehicles individually.
  • Breakdown Assistance – This is a very useful additional type of cover for minibus drivers. Whilst many people are already a member of a breakdown service such as the AA, most insurance providers will give you the option to get breakdown assistance included in your policy for a very competitive price.

Saving Money

Below are some of the best ways you can save money on your minibus insurance

  • Use a Broker – Using a broker can be an excellent way to save money on your insurance. They’ll contact insurance providers and haggle on your behalf and also be able to advise you on any insurance related matter.
  • Pay Annually – If you pay for your policy annually, you’ll usually be able to save a good amount of money on it.
  • Secure Your Minibus – Making your minibus secure will go a long way to cutting the cost of your policy. Insurance providers take the security of your minibus into account when assessing how much your policy will cost. Fitting an alarm, steering wheel lock and immobilizer is highly recommended.
  • Shop Around  – You should always go to more than one insurance provider when you’re looking to take out a new policy. With the myriad of insurance comparison sites out there now, there’s no excuse for not shopping around for your insurance.