Top 10 Tips for Camper Van Insurance

These top ten tips this month should help you make decisions about your camper van insurance!

1 When away traveling and on holiday in your camper van make friends with people and families camping around you that way you can act like a  “neighbourhood watch” between you all.
2 If you use your camper van for just a couple of weeks or months a year then maybe look into taking a policy with limited mileage.
3 To save even more cash on your camper van insurance it will be a good idea to invest in a good quality security alarm.
4 Don’t have the room on your driveway to park your camper van? Find a secure storage site and pay a small yearly fee just like a caravan storage arrangement.
5 Policies should have included accident recovery which takes care of your camper van but also gets you to your holiday or travelling destination.
6 If you only use the camper van a few times a year for your touring holidays it might be a good idea take a small run out first to ensure everything is in good working order.
7 Installing fire alarms and extinguishers can improve your safety and help to keep down the cost of insurance.
8 Check to see if the insurance would cover another driver if you should fall ill while on holiday and cannot drive home.
9 The average campervan user will only travel 5,000 miles per year.
10 Would trailer cover be included in the insurance policy and up to how much?

Happy camper vanning!

Why You Need Minibus Insurance Cover – The Quickstart Guide

If you drive a minibus then insurance is essential. This isn’t just because you’re legally obliged to have insurance but for your own peace of mind and the safety of your passengers. There are a few different types of minibus insurance that you can acquire depending on what you use your vehicle for. Many families now own a minibus which is used purely for social and domestic purposes. In this case minibus insurance is no different to car insurance. If you’re transporting members of the public though, whether it be for profit or for charity, you’ll need to have a higher level of cover.

Types of Cover

Below are some of the main types of minibus insurance and an explanation for each –

  • Taxi Minibus Insurance – Minibuses are often used as taxis. In this case the type of insurance will depend on whether the minibus used for public hire or private hire only. Private hire taxi insurance is usually cheaper than public hire but regardless of the type of cover you get you must have public liability insurance too. This is a legal requirement for UK taxis.
  • Charity Minibus Insurance CoverMinibuses that are used for charitable purposes are able to get a special type of discounted policy from most insurance providers. You must be able to prove that the minibus is used for this reason by providing either a Section 19 or Section 22 permit.
  • Fleet Minibus Insurance – When there are multiple minibuses to insurance, a fleet policy is ideal. It’s not only easier to keep track of multiple vehicles this way but it also works out considerably cheaper than insuring the vehicles individually.
  • Breakdown Assistance – This is a very useful additional type of cover for minibus drivers. Whilst many people are already a member of a breakdown service such as the AA, most insurance providers will give you the option to get breakdown assistance included in your policy for a very competitive price.

Saving Money

Below are some of the best ways you can save money on your minibus insurance

  • Use a Broker – Using a broker can be an excellent way to save money on your insurance. They’ll contact insurance providers and haggle on your behalf and also be able to advise you on any insurance related matter.
  • Pay Annually – If you pay for your policy annually, you’ll usually be able to save a good amount of money on it.
  • Secure Your Minibus – Making your minibus secure will go a long way to cutting the cost of your policy. Insurance providers take the security of your minibus into account when assessing how much your policy will cost. Fitting an alarm, steering wheel lock and immobilizer is highly recommended.
  • Shop Around  – You should always go to more than one insurance provider when you’re looking to take out a new policy. With the myriad of insurance comparison sites out there now, there’s no excuse for not shopping around for your insurance.

Travelling in Tasmania By Campervan

It’s no secret that campervans are one of the very best ways to explore a country. You can travel as much or as little as you like in a given day and always have a means of accommodation with you . One recent article tells of how a campervan is an ideal means of travel when exploring an island – namely Tasmania. Tasmania is a perfect place to travel in a campervan as it gives you a chance to explore the more remote parts of the island away from the towns and cities. You can read more on this story below –

Enjoying the autumn open road in Tasmania 

The major appeal of exploring Tasmania by campervan is that it opens up the island and makes every journey part of your holiday. There’s a laissez-faire attitude to bunking up by the roadside meaning you have the freedom to make anywhere and everywhere your home for the night. This flexibility means you can avoid the towns and cities, making the most of this geographical treasure chest while cutting down on travel time between destinations.



In other campervan news an abandoned VW camper that had been stolen was the cause of a major collision involving a MILK tanker and coach in North Yorkshire. You can read more on this story below

Dumped camper involved in crash 

A MILK tanker, coach and a stolen camper van were involved in a crash in North Yorkshire today.

The accident happened just before 6am and blocked the A171 between Whitby and Guisborough at Scaling Dam.

A National Express coach driver was trapped and rescued unhurt from his vehicle by firefighters, said police. The coach, heading towards Whitby, was not carrying any passengers.



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Latest News On Campervans From Across The Globe

It’s no secret that campervans hold a great appeal to many people. Even those who have never owned a campervan often say that travelling in a campervan is something they’d love to do. In fact so popular are campervans that in a recent survey carried out it was revealed that travelling around New Zealand in a campervan came in the top 30 things that Britons would want to do before they die. The survey shows how much appeal campervans hold for Britons and why so many people would like to own one. You can read more about this story below –

Campervan trip around NZ makes UK bucket list – New Zealand Herald
Campervan trip around NZ makes UK bucket listNew Zealand HeraldFile photo / Thinkstock. Travelling around New Zealand in a campervan has beaten a trip to Disney World and an audience with the Queen among the top 50 things Britons want to do before they die, a survey has found. The survey of 2000 adults in the …

In another recent story – ITV presenter Mary Nightingale tells of how she fell in love with campervan life after growing weary of travelling in the more typical way. Read more below –

Australia by campervan: Mary Nightingale’s big little drive down under – by campervan: Mary Nightingale’s big little drive down big selling point: a camper van. I’ll be honest – it took us a while to love it. The jet lag took the shine off our first few days; we were scratchy and tired and possibly a bit daunted by the reality after all the build-up. Oh, yes – and did I …




It’s usually the case that when somebody experiences what it’s like to travel in a campervan for the first time, they fall in love with it. There is a real appeal to being able to travel wherever you want in a country without having to worry about the stress of getting the airport on time, suffering jetlag etc. With a campervan you simply decide where you want to travel and then go there. You have your means of transport and accommodation all in one place. For related news stories be sure to check out the articles below.

Latest Campervan News

As the owner of a campervan it can be easy to ignore the dangers that come along with owning such a vehicle. Whilst nobody wants to dwell on the negative, it’s worth reminding yourself why it’s so important to have up-to-date insurance that provides a good level of protection. There are no shortage of stories involving campervans that demonstrate why insurance is vital. This recent news story from Sussex involving a campervan that caught on fire proves that accidents can occur at any time –

Campervan catches fire in Lewes

Firefigthers donned breathing apparatus to tackle a campervan fire in Lewes.

A crew was called out to the incident along the A26 in Malling Street on Saturday at 8.21am. Firefighting foam was used to bring the blaze under control quickly and safely, preventing any further spread.

Campervans are particularly vulnerable to fire as they often in close proximity to them when used for camping. Fire is covered for in most campervan policies but if you’re uncertain about whether you have protection you should find out right away.



Thefts are another problem for campervan owners. Because campervans are often used in a relaxed environment such as a camping trip or a music festival, it can be easy to assume that they’re not going to be stolen. This recent story from Kent shows that even when a campervan is stored in a garage it can still be the victim of theft –

Brazen Thieves Steal Campervan

Brazen thieves smashed their way into a Faversham garage to steal a classic VW camper van worth £15,000.

The theft from a garage in Standard Quay specialising in classic car restorations happened on Saturday night.

Stories such as these show that in reality it’s not possible to eradicate the risks involved with owning a caravan. However having insurance means that if something like this should happen you will at least be compensated.

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Budget camper van insurance coverage might be compared using a specialist website

Price range camper van insurance policies might be found on the web and you may get the lowest premiums if you compare quotes that a specialist finds on your behalf. Do not be tempted to just go for the initial policy you bring a look at that sounds reasonable. You should look deeper into the key facts belonging to the cover to see what it entails and what you’d and would not be covered for.

The volume of time you spend within the road and where you are travelling will make a difference to the cost of the camper van insurance cover. If that you are around the road with your vehicle for the majority of time then you are able to expect the premiums to be higher than if your vehicle is garaged for a great deal of the time. The cost of insurance policies will also be decided by the size from the camper van with the larger “home from home” sort vehicles being the dearest to insure.

When seeking spending budget camper van insurance coverage you could think about taking out third party fire and theft. However this only gives the fundamental cover and is not definitely suitable if you ever consider your camper van out around the roads from numerous months out of the year. You may be able to obtain away using a third party fire and theft policy in case you only carry your camper van out for one or two weeks of the year.

When you want full cover for not only the camper van but also the contents and other things then you’ll usually really need to consider out completely comprehensive insurance. Even though this can be a dearer policy you’ll be able to get a quality but inexpensive policy by going having a specialist site. You possibly can also get less costly insurance policies by offering to pay a greater excess charge. The excess is the quantity that you just have got to stand to before the insurance cover company would payout on a claim. All insurance policies businesses will add in excess but you can offer to pay extra and this will lower the premiums you pay each month. On the other hand you also have got to consider into account that you would really need to discover that sum of money when you had to claim around the insurance policy policy.

When looking at completely detailed insurance policy there are lots of factors which you have got to look at, normally they will be included inside majority of policies but there many be limitations as to how much the insurance policy business would payout. This will differ among insurance policies companies so it is vital to verify the little print ahead of you acquire out the cover.

You need to make sure that your belongings would be covered in the budget camper van insurance policies policy. As this really is your house although you might be travelling around in your camper van your belongings can add up to a fair sum. All complete policies will consist of cover for belongings and for instance awnings but they do have a limit as much as a particular amount which differs between policies. Constantly verify to produce sure that the policy you happen to be taking provides you new for old coverage. This means that you simply do not lose out when it comes to replacing all of the belongings if they were destroyed or stolen.

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Campervan Owners – A Landlords Guide to Insurance Cover

It is now possible to buy contents insurance as a landlord. At first you may think as a landlord that the idea of insuring tenant’s personal contents is pointless but what about the settee, armchairs, double beds and washing machines? These are key items of furniture and white goods that tenants will use and sometimes abuse. As a landlord you can expect these items to wear and tear much faster than similar goods in your own personal abode.

It is worth bearing in mind if you own more than one buy to let property that you are renting out then you might need a staff member to help out with all the duties of running the properties. If this is the case then be sure to take out employer’s liability insurance as this is a must in UK law. If in the future an ex-employee takes you to court for injury or damage, then this insurance should cover you against that.

It is worth noting that a landlord insurance premium depends on a number of factors which will determine the levels of payment you make to your landlord insurance provider. A broker will check to see where your property is located; if it lies within a postcode where there is a high level of crime being recorded then expect your premium to be bumped slightly upward in the wrong direction. The tenants themselves are also taken into the equation too. If you are renting out to three young lads who throw parties every Friday and Saturday night then your premium will be substantially higher than if you rented out to a middle-aged accountant who works in an office every day. The age of the property is also a determining factor in the premium as is the property type (flat, maisonette, terraced house or detached house).

The broker will also check to see if there has been any claim made in the past by the landlord; regular claimants can expect a higher premium. The three landlord insurance divisions are building, contents and liability. Landlord insurance claims are always dealt with swiftly and efficiently as it is imperative for the brokers’ reputation that it does so. A broker who delays or questions any claim with too much impunity will find it puts potential landlords off and insurance salesmen will find their work considerably more difficult. Word is often known to spread among the landlord community about broker behaviour.