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It’s no secret that campervans hold a great appeal to many people. Even those who have never owned a campervan often say that travelling in a campervan is something they’d love to do. In fact so popular are campervans that in a recent survey carried out it was revealed that travelling around New Zealand in a campervan came in the top 30 things that Britons would want to do before they die. The survey shows how much appeal campervans hold for Britons and why so many people would like to own one. You can read more about this story below –

Campervan trip around NZ makes UK bucket list – New Zealand Herald
Campervan trip around NZ makes UK bucket listNew Zealand HeraldFile photo / Thinkstock. Travelling around New Zealand in a campervan has beaten a trip to Disney World and an audience with the Queen among the top 50 things Britons want to do before they die, a survey has found. The survey of 2000 adults in the …

In another recent story – ITV presenter Mary Nightingale tells of how she fell in love with campervan life after growing weary of travelling in the more typical way. Read more below –

Australia by campervan: Mary Nightingale’s big little drive down under – by campervan: Mary Nightingale’s big little drive down big selling point: a camper van. I’ll be honest ā€“ it took us a while to love it. The jet lag took the shine off our first few days; we were scratchy and tired and possibly a bit daunted by the reality after all the build-up. Oh, yes ā€“ and did I …




It’s usually the case that when somebody experiences what it’s like to travel in a campervan for the first time, they fall in love with it. There is a real appeal to being able to travel wherever you want in a country without having to worry about the stress of getting the airport on time, suffering jetlag etc. With a campervan you simply decide where you want to travel and then go there. You have your means of transport and accommodation all in one place. For related news stories be sure to check out the articles below.