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As the owner of a campervan it can be easy to ignore the dangers that come along with owning such a vehicle. Whilst nobody wants to dwell on the negative, it’s worth reminding yourself why it’s so important to have up-to-date insurance that provides a good level of protection. There are no shortage of stories involving campervans that demonstrate why insurance is vital. This recent news story from Sussex involving a campervan that caught on fire proves that accidents can occur at any time –

Campervan catches fire in Lewes

Firefigthers donned breathing apparatus to tackle a campervan fire in Lewes.

A crew was called out to the incident along the A26 in Malling Street on Saturday at 8.21am. Firefighting foam was used to bring the blaze under control quickly and safely, preventing any further spread.

Campervans are particularly vulnerable to fire as they often in close proximity to them when used for camping. Fire is covered for in most campervan policies but if you’re uncertain about whether you have protection you should find out right away.



Thefts are another problem for campervan owners. Because campervans are often used in a relaxed environment such as a camping trip or a music festival, it can be easy to assume that they’re not going to be stolen. This recent story from Kent shows that even when a campervan is stored in a garage it can still be the victim of theft –

Brazen Thieves Steal Campervan

Brazen thieves smashed their way into a Faversham garage to steal a classic VW camper van worth £15,000.

The theft from a garage in Standard Quay specialising in classic car restorations happened on Saturday night.

Stories such as these show that in reality it’s not possible to eradicate the risks involved with owning a caravan. However having insurance means that if something like this should happen you will at least be compensated.

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