Tips for choosing motor home insurance

Motor homes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK for travelling in comfort and they come in many different sizes, from the basic to the “home from home” vehicles with all the mod cons. When considering taking out motor home insurance the size of the vehicle will be taken into account. Another factor you have to take into account is what you plan on using the motor home for. If you are only going to be taking the odd weekend break in the motor home then the insurance will cost much less than if you are travelling around the country for many months at a time.

When looking for the best deals for your motor home then you have to go with a specialist insurance company. Someone who specialises in offering insurance for motor homes as opposed to insurance for cars will know what insurance is needed. They will also offer among the cheapest premiums, which of course need to be compared on a like-for-like basis. A specialist motor home insurance company will compare quotes on your behalf.

If your choice of motor home is one of the “home from home” types with full kitchen, bathroom and everything else found in the home then the insurance will cost more as there are more things that can go wrong and which you might have to claim for. Refrigerators are run on gas and these can be potentially dangerous so of course insurance for a vehicle holding such items will cause the insurance to be higher. You will also be carrying around personal belongings such as your clothes, money, jewellery and other items of value. Therefore you will need to have insurance to cover not only in case you are involved in an accident but also in case your belongings get stolen when out of your motor home.

You need to make sure that if you have such items as a satellite dish, TV antenna, awnings for example that these are included in the motor home insurance. Some insurance providers will include these things in a general policy while other insurance companies will ask that you add on extra cover for these, so always check out the small print of any policy you are considering taking out.

There are many things that you should think about including in your policy. For example, if you were involved in an accident that was your fault and caused injury to a third party, you need to have cover for liability. If the other party should be injured, then the cover would pay out. You also need to be covered in case you should be hit by an uninsured driver and also if you should do damage to another’s property with your motor home.

When looking for motor home insurance you should also look for a policy that offers breakdown coverage as inclusive. If you are travelling in remote areas and should break down you need to have peace of mind that you would be able to reach your destination if your motor home is not worthy of travelling. Therefore you need a service that would supply you with a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired.