Buying a used campervan

There is normally a used campervan in the market place to suit most budgets and design preference. As with all purchases, information is power, so plenty of research before you commence your purchasing trip could be the key when . Make a list of wants and sort these into ‘must haves’ and ‘would be nice’. Do not be too ridged or unrealistic with your ‘wish list’. After all, the campervan will be second-hand and its condition should reflect its age and mileage. It might be disappointing and expensive to refuse a campervan with low mileage and full service history in favour or a less sound vehicle based on its interior layout!

When , always view your would-be purchase in good daylight conditions, as this should make detecting flaws easier. Look for cracks on the outside, sun damage, knocks, scrapes etc and check the seals and trims. Look at the chassis and inspect underneath the vehicle. Inside, check the cupboards, handles, carpets, upholstery and beware of over personalisation of the interior. Ensure that there are no signs of damp. It normally has a distinctive smell and mildew is often present in corners and cupboards. An inexpensive damp meter could assist with this.

Test all the electrical and gas equipment, making sure that the seller fully demonstrates every single feature is in good working order and that they all operate from a hook up. Always take the campervan for a test drive, ensuring that you drive down both town and country roads. Also, try parking it and turning it around so that you are fully comfortable with its degree of manoeuvrability.

If buying privately, always insist on viewing the campervan at the seller’s home address so that you can verify ownership. Insist on seeing full documentation and check the chassis and engine numbers. Motoring organisations, for example, the RAC and AA, offer on-line history checks, full inspection and road tests. Be aware that a private seller does not have to make a statement regarding the vehicles condition. However, they are legally obliged to answer truthfully any specific vehicle related question. If you are from a dealer, they are duty bound to ensure everything is in safe working order and many provide a guarantee with the sale. Some dealers also offer part exchange deals and provide finance arrangements.

Regardless of whom you approach, it is often sensible to shop locally. This not only makes the travelling to view easier but also any after-sales visits more convenient. Also, when buying a used campervan, always haggle. Not just on the price but also for extra items that may not be included in the selling price.