Campervan insurance – Your choices

You have the same chances when looking for campervan insurance as you do when looking for car insurance. Your choices of insurance would include a fully comprehensive policy or third party policy. The type of campervan you choose to buy would depend on the insurance which would be the most suitable. If you have paid out many thousands of pounds for your van then of course a fully comprehensive policy would be the most suitable option. If a second hand model was your choice then third party fire and theft might be the most suitable form.

However while the same types of policy can be considered this is where the similarity ends. There are many more aspects of campervan insurance that have to be taken into account that are specifically tailored to a campervan. One of the main reasons for owning a campervan is of course to travel around in it and spend your holidays in it. Therefore you will be treating your campervan as a home away from home and have your personal belongings in it. With this in mind you want to ensure that you have suitable cover for your belongings.

All campervan insurance should come with personal belongings cover but they would usually limit this to a certain amount. It is essential to check this amount and also if there are any exclusions as to the type of belongings that are protected in the policy. Expensive items such as sat nav equipment, TVs and jewellery might be exempt for the cover and you would have to take out extra insurance for these.

Also check any insurance you are considering to ensure that you would be protected if travelling around Europe. This would give you protection in case you should breakdown and if the worst comes to the worst if you were to have your campervan taken for repair you would be taken to your destination. Some insurance policies would also include hotel accommodation if your campervan was off the road for repair so again this would need comparing as there could be limits. There could also be a limit on the amount of days of European cover the policy would provide and again this has to be checked before taking on the policy.

A policy that does include European cover would generally cost more than one without. With this in mind if you do not plan on travelling outside of the UK then search for a policy that comes without cover for Europe. Another way you can cut down on the cost for the premiums for campervan insurance is if you choose to pay out more in excess. The excess is what you are asked to pay towards the cost of the policy before the insurance company would kick in and pay the rest of the claim. However you would have to bear in mind that the amount of excess you choose to pay would have to come out of your own pocket as a lump sum payment. Installing extra security devices such as a tracking device and good quality alarm could also help to keep down the cost of your insurance premiums.