Features of campervan insurance you could look for

Your new campervan will be your pride and joy. Whether you have chosen to buy a second hand campervan or have taken on a top of the range brand new home away from home campervan that comes complete with all the mod cons of home, you need campervan insurance.

You do have choices when it comes to taking out insurance and this would depend on the type of camper van you have chosen. If you chose to buy a cheaper second hand model just to take out and about in the UK a couple of times per year then you could be better off taking out third party fire and theft insurance. A new van off the forecourt would mean you had not got much choice over the protection as you would have to take out fully comprehensive insurance. This is the dearest type of insurance but it would provide you with the most complete form of protection for your campervan.
Campervan insurance differs between each insurance provider with some offering more features than others for your money. However the majority of comprehensive insurance will include protection against fire and theft. In some cases the insurance company would payout to replace your campervan with a brand new model if it should be damaged beyond repair or if stolen. However this would generally only apply if the campervan was under a certain age or if it had done under so many miles.

This would need to be checked before taking on the policy. Usually providers offer storm damage and flood damage in with the insurance which of course could be considered essential if you are taking your campervan out on the road for a great deal of time throughout the year. Some providers will also include accidental damage in with their policy while others could ask that you pay extra for this, so again checking the small print is essential.

There are also many extras that could be included in your campervan insurance or which you can add onto the cover for a little extra. One of which might be European cover, this should be considered essential if you intend travelling outside of the UK in your campervan.

If your policy does have European cover included then you would have to check how many days coverage the policy would provide as usually there will be a limit. European cover would payout for such as a stay in alternative accommodation if you were to break down or have an accident while in Europe. It should also payout to have your campervan towed to a garage and pay for repairs.

The majority of campervan insurance policies would payout for items such as clothing, linen, bedding and personal items. However you would have to check the limits on these as all insurance providers will only pay out up to so much and certain items such as those of particular value might not be covered.

There would also be a minimum amount of excess on the policy which would need checking as this is the amount you would have to pay out of your own pocket before the insurance provider would take over the rest of the claim.