Choose your campervan insurance cover with care

While we all want to make savings on our insurance it is also essential that we also ensure we have got the right policy for our needs. It is no good saving a great deal on the cost of the insurance only to find that you cannot make a claim as your policy does not include what you need to claim against. With this in mind you need to .

Checking the small print for exclusions and limitations when choosing campervan insurance cover is essential. All insurance providers will add these in and some could include more than others. For example there could be a limit as to how much the insurance company would pay out for such items as steps and awnings. You could also have to pay out extra excess to make a claim against windscreen and window damage. It is only by going over the small print of the policy you were considering that you would know about these.

The features provided can vary between insurance providers and what you need in a policy would depend on your circumstances. Therefore when looking into insurance for your campervan you first have to decide what it is you want out of your policy.

For instance you would have to decide how many months or weeks out of the year you used your campervan. If you do not use it often they you could consider taking out insurance that came with limited mileage. This would provide you with full insurance providing you did not drive over a certain amount of miles per year.

You would also need to take into account whether or not you wanted European cover included in the policy.

If you planned on touring around Europe then you would need to look for the best deal that provided adequate cover when travelling around Europe. European cover would for example payout to have your campervan towed and repaired. It could also payout for you to stay in alternative accommodation if your campervan was inhabitable. Again all providers will state a maximum amount of days that you would be covered while travelling around Europe.

Campervan insurance will allow you to take out protection for your personal belongings. You would have to take an inventory to reach a figure to insure. This is the amount that you would get back in the worst case scenario that you lost everything. When insuring your belongings you could be offered new for old protection. In this case your belongings would be replaced brand new. This is usually the dearest type of protection. If your policy pays out taking depreciation into account then you could lose out.

All providers will add in a certain amount of excess that you would have to payout before you could make a claim on your campervan insurance cover. This amount would come out of your own pocket as a lump sum and is deducted from the amount of your claim with the insurance company paying the rest of the claim. You can offer to pay more excess to help keep down the cost of the insurance. However should you need to make more than one claim in any one year it is possible that you would lose out?